The Heroic Christian Warrior

Aaron discusses why believers in Jesus like Kenny want to be the Heroic Christian Warrior and how entitlement and nationalism have to do with it all.

Abusing Christ’s Images

Aaron discusses abuse of women in organizations and the church. Content is rated explicit due to discussion of mature content.

Inauguration Day

Recorded on January 20th Aaron discusses Inauguration Day and his opinion on politics and government.

American Christianity VS The World

Recorded on January 12th Aaron lets first world Christians know what the Kingdom of Heaven is while adding extra pontification regarding January 6th 2021.

Being Equally or Unequally Yoked

These are Aaron’s thoughts on Christianity, the 2nd Corinthians verse about being unequally yoked from a progressive perspective, and if the verse actually talks primarily about marriage or relationships in general.

Regarding January 6th

These are Aaron’s thoughts on Donald Trump Supporters storming DC and other thoughts of victimhood, entitlement, and the fear of losing control. Note: quality was not great as this episode was recorded outside.

To All My Facebook Friends

After a tough 2020, Aaron Parsons lets the internet, specifically his Facebook friends, know that he is deconstructing his faith in God.