A New Spiritual Quest!

Hip-hop artist and podcaster Aaron Parsons, known as Double A Ron/A-Ron from OC Remix & VGMix documents how his beliefs have changed.

Certain Manitoba events in his life through 2020 have caused him to wrestle with his faith, view of the bible, mental health, and American Christianity. Join Aaron on his discussions of progressive applicable faith, philosophy and theology, mental health, and the desire to avoid the practices of mainstream evangelicalism and American Christianity.

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Have A Free Book on Me!

As you probably know, there is a dramatic shift away from American Christianity. Since 2010, there has been a 12% decrease in Americans identifying as Christian. Help My Faith is Changing is a free book for the fast-growing religious group called “Nones” as in “nothing in particular.” It is for groups of ex-vangelicals called “Spiritual but not religious,”. This free PDF is for those who don’ t want to end up rejecting Christianity but for those who want to sort through their faith while reconstructing it to something more scripture based without the merging of politics or dominion-based ideologies.

Help My Faith is Changing!

Meet the Host!

Aaron Parsons is an Asian/Canadian hip-hop/electronic artist from Winnipeg Canada who has created three boom bap albums and various electronic compilations. He has participated in revival tours with Catch The Fire Ministries while going on a solo tour as artist Lazy Nerd 204 in 2017. After 2014, he has been continually sorting through his faith while running an app development business while composing music and working in audio development full time.

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